Understanding the Crimes FAST

5G in 5 minutes – EMF Action Network, Watch the video below learn about our concerns.

The Video above outlines SERIOUS 5G CONCERNS. A corrupt Telecommunication industry and what they don’t want us to see or talk about, Wonder why?

Time for all of us to wake up fast to the 5G Crime now taking place. Did you hear what they said in that Video above? NO INDEPENDENT BIOLOGICAL SAFETY TESTS? WHY IS THAT I WONDER? WHAT WILL THAT MEAN TO YOU TO ME TO YOUR FAMILY? The truth, Telecommunication Industry don’t care about you, me your Children your Grand Children but they do care about $’s & £’s and making a lot of it. 5G technology is so dangerous it may give you Cancer or a tumour in your head, maybe even worse if there is such a thing! it really won’t matter, after all we are all just numbers or statistics in their game worth risking as long as they get RICH. More fact checks worth thinking about = 5G Radiation is not insurable for health and safety! so even if the industry wanted to take out insurance cover or had too by Law LLOYDS OF LONDON WILL NOT INSURE THEM! ALL THE OTHER INSURANCE COMPANIES ARE FOLLOWING SUITE. INSURANCE COMPANIES KNOW THE DANGERS, THEY DON’T WANT TO PAYOUT BILLIONS OF $’s in CLAIMS! JUST THINK ABOUT THAT FOR A MINUTE, ARE YOU HAPPY WITH THIS PICTURE SO FAR? Hmmm are you thinking about this? HOW HAPPY ARE YOU SO FAR WITH THIS FACTUAL INFORMATION? ARE YOU HAPPY ENOUGH TO ACCEPT IT LYING DOWN? JOIN US AT REPORT5GCRIME.COM, LEARN MORE ABOUT THE CRIME, LEARN TO DO SOMETHING BIG, FIGHT BACK, STOP THE CRIMINALS IN THEIR TRACKS. LEARN WITH US AS WE REPORT THE CRIME IN MASS AND KILL THEIR CRIMINAL POWER? THEY ONLY HAVE POWER OVER US IF YOU LET THEM!

US Senator Blumenthal Raises Concerns on 5G Wireless Technology Health Risks at Senate Hearing

Dr Sharon Goldberg’s Brilliant testimony on health effects of 5G

Repetition makes a fact seem truer, regardless of whether it is or not. Understanding this effect can help you avoid falling for propaganda, says psychologist Tom Stafford.

“Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”, is a law of propaganda often attributed to the Nazi Joseph Goebbels. 

We should bare these statements in mind as Mainstream Media and Brainwashing adverts keep telling us how wonderful 5G will be! Remember how they say how great it will be to download Movies in seconds, how it will create drive-less cars how wonderful it will be in our future world. They are not telling us about how it will make their life much easier in their quest for more control over us with their surveillance plans, facial recognition or other negative effects they want to impose over us as we lose more and more of our freedoms. Maybe something they would try to keep to themselves?

Together we will beat the Criminals

IS THE DANGERS OF 5G JUST A CONSPIRACY THEORY? The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) coined the phrase “conspiracy theory” to attack anyone who challenged the official narrative.

No one will be immune to the Crime, even the Police, time to wake up for all of your Children’s sake, get started now. Let’s look at 5G Crime, let’s learn to report the Crime, we all have a big learning curve so one step at a time. For many it is all very shocking, wishing all of you all the best, thank you for looking. Go Back to Homepage to learn the steps about how we will fight the 5G Crime together, learn about reporting 5G Crime.

Are you seeing a Crime taking place? What will you do NOW?

Join us, TOGETHER we will win , be sure to follow our advice on the front page of this website regarding moving forward to fighting 5G crime. Bookmark us come back often, join our Social Media group, this is very similar to facebook but without the Censorship! Please follow our Guidance on sending Complaint letters regarding 5G crime to your local Police Stations with a personalised letter stating your own concerns, personalised stories, TOGETHER WE WILL BEAT THEM.