Using Common Law to stop 5G Crime!

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Common Law Constitution Page

In the United Kingdom our system is described as Constitutional Monarchy.

The Monarch should be empowered in service and bound by the Constitutional Coronation Oath.

The Law doesn’t belong to the government, CORPORATIONS or the Deep State 1%.

Our Common Law Constitution belongs to us all, – that is – We the People.

It is there as a shield, when everyone gets behind it, to help protect us all from tyranny and also can be the reigns to reign in unlawful governments and corporations.

The primary principle of our natural Divine Common Law Constitution is that there is a higher purer wisdom than man’s ego. Some describe this as the Creator, Source, God, Universal Wisdom.

Other principles are that :-

No-One or Nothing Should Be Above the Law – not the Monarch, not the Pope, not a corporation, not the media, not think tank lobbyists, not the UN, not Bill Gates, Tony Blair, Boris, Neil Ferguson, George Soros, Jimmy Saville, Prince Andrew, Geoffrey Epstein, David Rockefeller Junior,not the WHO, not a secret society, a religion, Parliament, a Police Constable, public servants, the judiciary, … and all should be or equally treated fairly under the Law.

Common Law recognises our Unalienable Rights and Personal Sovereignty – All should be free to live our lives freely, behaving responsibly and causing no intentional harm, treating others respectfully in the way we would like to be treated ourselves.

A properly convened Common Law Jury must consist of at least twelve good men and Women, they together should be the true lawful Judge and must be in-line with natural Divine Common Law principles. The Jury has the authority and duty to annul any unfair, unjust and unlawful statutes. There must be no cruel and unusual punishments.

Reporting the crime to Police.

To help you here is a possible script you can use to speak to the police and or formulate a template letter that you can use when reporting the 5g crime to your local police station.

I am here under Constitutional Law and understand that it is my duty to report any crime…

It is my understanding that you have sworn an oath to preserve life and property and to protect the peace under Constitutional Common Law…

I stand here as a Common Law Man/Woman and I report a crime of personal assault and of collective indiscriminate genocide by the unlawful exposure of untested and uninsured microwave radiation technology.

Under your oath to preserve the peace it is your sworn duty to receive this collected evidence of peer-reviewed PhD studies proving beyond a doubt that harmful biological effects are indeed caused by microwave radiation technology at much lower levels than set by the current unlawful guidelines set by the corrupt ICNIRP (International Commission on Non Ionising Radiation Protection), an industry led and self-appointed commission designed to obfuscate biological harm by only setting guidelines for thermal levels. 

PHE, WHO, AGNIR are highly compromised agencies with conflicts of interest. They have fooled us into thinking that they are looking after the nation’s health…. they are not! They are only looking after the interests of big business.


See Dr. Sarah Starkey: Official advice on radio frequency radiation, risk assessment and adverse effects in the Video below.

Collectively, we have already given evidence of this crime against humanity, in the form of the International Space Appeal to the United Nations, World Health Organisation, EU, United Kingdom Parliament, 10 Downing Street and also to local Councillors and councils with limited success. Remove extra red dots According to the Common Law Constitution, this also makes all these organisations complicit in this crime.  To see the International Space Appeal  Click Here

There is more than enough proof that we are being collectively assaulted by microwave radiation that some councils, in the United Kingdom, and around the world have put in place the ‘precautionary principle’. We demand that the police now act as keepers of the peace, as per your sworn oaths to the office of constable and to uphold the collective reason for the police service existing. (link to office of constable pamphlet

Also, I understand, it is your duty under Constitutional Law to report to the public whenever any factual and damning evidence is prevented from being investigated. If this evidence is not investigated it follows that the officer/commander responsible for preventing this 5G crime has now become complicit in this crime and are in neglect of their duty to keep the peace.

If this Police Constabulary does not investigate this 5G crime of personal assault and attempted genocide crime this needs to be reported to another Police Constabulary or, to a Common Law Court or, to a Common law Man/Woman who can report this crime, for you, without fear of personal discrimination by others in Police Service. Learn more at the Common Law Court

Anyone preventing this crime of assault and intended genocide by unlawful exposure from harmful microwave transmitting technology from being investigated in fact becomes complicit in the crime itself.

This crime of personal assault by microwave radiation is being perpetrated on us all regardless of our standing in this society. We must come together NOW to prevent further harm loss and injury to anyone or anything.

No man or woman is above the law including the Monarch. Common Law Constitution has jurisdiction over all Public Servants…

This crime is perpetrated on us all regardless of our standing in this society. We must come together NOW to prevent harm loss and injury to our human family.

You may be aware that microwave transmitters have been disabled in certain areas of the country recently … The Common Law permits reasonable self- defence and anyone doing any research in this matter understands that there is not one single peer-reviewed independent study proving this technology to be safe on a biological level.

In the absence of a police investigation and protection from an obvious and proven breach of the peace, Common Law Men and Woman are acting with honour and within Constitutional Law by taking any reasonable actions to stop this crime and to protect their community.

We need Police Constables to understand and either to help the common law citizens in disabling these towers or not to get involved in arresting Common Law Men and Women who are in fact protecting us all from the proven harm caused to us all on a biological level by microwave radiation transmissions.

Link to studies

International EMF Scientist Appeal EMF Scientist Appeal this is the International EMF Scientist Appeal: Scientists call for Protection from Non-ionizing Electromagnetic Field Exposure.

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Barrie Trower presentation on the dangers of 5G – Exeter Phoenix 5th March 2020

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Let’s get our Law to act in a Lawful way.